We offer early childhood education with Waldorf inspired learning philosophy and ECDA i-Teach principles. We believe in providing our children with organic vegan meals for a healthier well-being. Our centre has a capacity for 72 children and 9 infants. Over the years, we have received very favourable feedback from the parents on the development of their children.

Waldorf education cultivates three principal faculties in children using their head heart and hands: thinking, feeling, and doing.

  • Head refers to the ability to think clearly and independently.
  • Heart refers to the capacity for feeling emotionally connected to one’s work and the world at large.
  • Hands refer to the willingness to take action to achieve one’s goals and to contribute to the world.


  • Offers full-day infant care and pre-school service in Sengkang West
  • Nurtures children to be unique individuals with feelings of responsibility, care and imagination
  • Develops their enthusiasm for lifelong learning
  • Teaches children through daily experiences of caring for the people and environment around us, respecting all lives, and appreciating nature and works of others
  • Children learn through role-playing, story-telling, singing, dancing, art, etc.


  • Vegan meals to cultivate healthy eating habits
  • Enrichment classes include speech and drama, abacus and phonics
  • Children clean their classroom toys with teachers to cultivate sense of responsibility and love for their surroundings and environment
  • Teachers undergo continuous professional development and refresher courses



Co-adjacent to the Day Care Centre for the Elderly and award winning organic community garden in Tampines, the Student Care Centre allows the children to mingle with the elderly and learn about nature in our premises.

Affordable monthly fees and subsidies are available for low-income families. We strongly believe in providing a cosy, safe and nurturing environment, just like home, for children to grow and develop.


  • Provides after-school day care service for students
  • Supervision and coaching of student’s school work and playtime
  • Life skills training – cultural sensitivity, respect for elderly, parents, staff
  • Teaching responsibility, cleaning tables and utensils after meals
  • Picking up students from their school
  • Only healthy vegetarian food for lunch and tea breaks
  • Excursions and enrichment activities during school holidays, ensuring students have a great time


  • Our experienced teachers will supervise the children’s schoolwork and provide necessary guidance in the physical and emotional aspects of their lives.
  • To balance work and play, we have included in our program unique enrichment activities to develop children in the areas of concentration, filial piety and teamwork.
  • The Student Care Centre provides before and after school day care services for students.
  • We provide supervision and coaching of students’ schoolwork and playtime.



JUNE 2019


Whole Child Nurture Centre (WCNC) receive a 6-year (June 2019 to May 2025) accreditation of SPARK from the Ministry of Environment (MOE).

This is an achievement that comes with a lot of hard work on the part of the teachers and center supervision.



The Singapore Pre-school Accreditation Framework (SPARK) is a quality assurance framework to assist preschools in Singapore in raising their quality.

SPARK aims to provide recognition and support for preschool leaders in their efforts to improve teaching and learning, administration and management processes to enhance the holistic development and well-being of young children. It serves as a guide for preschools to understand what they should be striving to achieve and provides a benchmark for preschools to measure themselves against, and establish for themselves the extent of their achievement.

SPARK Assessment has been implemented since January 2011. Child care centres and kindergartens may apply for SPARK Assessment and Certification.



Kampung Senang is glad to announce that our childcare Whole Child Nurture Centre (WCNC) has passed the Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme (HMPP) Assessment by Health Promotion Board in February 2019.

Whole Child Nurture Centre is one of the very few childcare centres in Singapore to provide organic vegan meals daily to the children during lunch.

For more information on our WCNC, click here.

Visit HPB for more details on Healthy Meals In Pre-schools Programme