About Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation

Established in February 1999, Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation (Kampung Senang) is an eco-conscious charity with Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status reaching out to serve all people regardless of cultural or religious background through compassion-filled charity programmes and education on holistic environmentally friendly lifestyles. Kampung Senang represents the Global Village of Inner Peace, a place where harmony, beauty, and unity prevails.


Our Mission

  • Provide compassionate care for people in need
  • Spur adoption of health enhancing and eco-friendly lifestyles
  • Foster harmony within our communities and our planet


Our Vision

A world where people are inspired to act with gratitude, respect and unconditional love towards life and nature.


Our Core Values

  1. Green & Healthy: We strive to live green and healthily. / 绿化与健康生活:全力配合与推动绿化与健康生活态度,关爱全人健康,守护永续地球
  2. Giving Thanks: We promote mindfulness and appreciation in life. / 感谢之意:対人亊物以欣赏、感恩和慈爱的方式来对待以建立和諧的人生
  3. Community Service: We serve with gratitude, respect and honor. / 社区服务:以真誠的感恩和榮幸之情怀来服务
  4. Boundless Love: We care and love our community and the environment / 无尽慈爱:以無尽意的仁爱来关怀老少及贫病者
  5. Compassion in action: We put compassion into actions and transform crisis into positive opportunities / 慈怀行动:将慈爱付诸行动,将困扰轉为机會


Our Logo

Kampung Senang logo symbolises:

  • Caring for our children
  • Caring for our elderly
  • Caring for our environment
  • Caring for those in need of help or with chronic illnesses
  • Caring for the general public

Kampung Senang delivers its caring through its children care, student care, and elderly services, its mobility aids services, its holistic and compassionate services, and its educational programmes for helping the public.