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Compassion Support Scheme

Compassion Support Scheme is an initiative by Kampung Senang that provides financial assistance to low-income families who would like to use non-aggressive, non-invasive, natural therapies to heal their chronic conditions.


Treatments include Neurofeedback, Hydrobath Therapy, Torsion Field Therapy, TCM and diet therapy. 

Kind-hearted people from different cultures get together to shave or cut their hair to raise funds for the Compassion Support Scheme. Jointly, we make a difference in the lives of people who need our care and help.

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Why The Compassion Support Scheme?

As a charity organization that lights up hope and promotes well-being, Kampung Senang pioneered the Compassion Support Scheme to provide much-needed support to those who desire non-invasive healing options but need financial and emotional support to fulfil their wish to recover from illness, alleviate suffering, learn how to stay healthy, be aware of healing choices and make healing choices a reality.

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Old Couple
Alex Low, Compassion Support Scheme Beneficiary

“I am grateful to Kampung Senang for helping me via the Compassion Support Scheme. The scheme subsidises the cost of therapies and courses. I am able to undertake torsion field therapy or hydrobath therapy under the scheme. I have also got to know a befriender, Meng Woo, who has been providing me with good counselling.”

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