MARCH 2019

Unwind & Relax Deeply into Magical Theta State easily with Heavenly Sound from Crystal Bowl to Swinging Bells…




Ride on the Wings of Sound to the Land of Infinite Possibilities… Fly, Play, Imagine, let out your Inner Child, Re-ignite your Passion, Initiate your own Healing, Choose Consciously, Reprogram yourself…


by Poh Siok Khoon
Pianist & Transformational Coach

Benefits of Sound Bath go beyond just a “feel-good” therapy. Most live on a “fight or flight” mode, stressing the nerves, and chronic pain/illnesses naturally ensue.Truth is we can live beyond “fight or flight” with more grace & mastery. Let this sound bath nourish your nervous system, and let it be a self-discovery journey, as you experience & learn how to shift into deeper brain states, and witness amazing healing at cellular & neurological level.

March 19
Every Tues 7.15 – 8.15pm
Venue: Eco-Harmony
Blk 106, Aljunied Crescent #01-205
Singapore 380106

*Bring your yoga mat along!

Register Now: 6749 8509
Transfer to Eco-Harmony DBS a/c: 106-900562-0

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Magical Sound Bath

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