At Kampung Senang, we conduct short courses that range from 3 hours to as long as a few weeks. The short courses we have crafted, touch on a wide range of areas including both life-skills as well as work-skills and also social skills. Topics covered by the courses include the following:

The Tips and Wisdom of Grandparenting

NSA APPROVED – This course is designed in providing essential of being a grandparent and looking after grandchildren. Note that this course will be fully conducted in Mandarin.

Insights of Risk Management Retirement and Estate Planning

NSA APPROVED – Designed to help provide more insights and knowledge on the essential and useful tools in being a good financial steward, especially when we are no longer capable of performing our duties in life.

Experience Bones & Joints Rejuvenation

The World Trend of Bones and Joints Wellness, the possible causes and remedies. Why functional enzymes? Understanding the difference between enzymes and supplements.


For a full monthly schedule of events and courses at Kampung Senang, go to our CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS.