Meet & Heal Yourself Whole

Facilitated by Founder Joyce Lye & Wellness Mentor Dr Julia Lim.

We are holistic beings – we are both mind and body and its interactions with the world. Healing has to return to this holistic awareness for it to be thorough and complete.

In this retreat you will meet yourself again as a whole being – working from inside out, rediscovering aspects of yourself that is out of alignment, treasuring aspects of self that you have forgotten, and relearning how to care for this body that we are given to experience life with.

There will be lectures and processes to reconnect you intimately with your inner world. You will also explore how you could bring this inner connection outward into your relating, to find greater fulfilment in your life.

This retreat will incorporate intermittent fasting and low carb nutritional approaches to maintaining health, so there will be two meals served a day.

Skills and Processes covered include:

  • Self-discovery & self-connection
  • Connection and relating
  • Pranayama and gentle yoga stretches
  • Wellness Meditation techniques
  • Healing code and visualisation
  • Breath-works and self-inquiry
  • Nutritional science of LCHF ketogenic approaches
  • Fasting science & intermittent fasting as a way of life
  • Demonstration of recipes and meal plans


$550 (before hotel & ferry)


Sign up ten days before the retreat to enjoy a special LCHF online cooking course worth $250. To register, please call Eco-harmony 6749 8509 or submit the online registration form below to confirm your place.

Mdm Joyce Lye is the much-respected founder of Eco Harmony Global Network & Kampong Senang. Originally a high flying banker, she left her well paying corporate job and started the charity foundation with her own resources and that of like minded individuals and organisations. Joyce has trained with various wellness teachers through the years and is deeply well-versed in alternative and holistic healing approaches and therapies. She has led countless of wellness retreats every year, and supported hundreds of cancer patients and those with chronic illnesses to health through the wide range of services provided at Kampung Senang. She is one truly inspiring and influential thought and soul leader that you would want to learn from.

Dr Julia Lim (PhD) is a psychologist and holistic health coach specialising in living foods, fasting for health, and LCHF approaches. She is also a naturally creative and talented in culinary arts and has taught many people how to implement science in biology and nutrition into everyday life meal plans. A advocate of mind-body healing, Julia brings together therapeutic psychological processes and nutritional practices to help individuals establish vibrant and wholesome health and lifestyle. Julia has been a steadfast volunteer with Kampung Senang for more than 10 years.




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