Going Ketogenic the Green and Healthy Way

3 Min Read · April 22, 2019 · by KHURSH MOLLA, Editor, Kampung Senang

As part of our outreach to support our Green and Healthy Ambassador, Chang Cheng Group, Madam Joyce Lye made a presentation on the benefits of a ketogenic diet. The aim was to show participants how to go ketogenic using plant-based ingredients. The presentation, made on a Saturday afternoon at Chang Cheng’s Headquarters in Woodlands on 21 October 2017 attracted 80 participants from the Infinite Youth Association. 

The presentation provided us an opportunity to showcase a ‘riceless’ cauliflower fried rice, ketogenic coffee and Moringa tea. Participants got a chance to try out the food at the end of the presentation.


What is a Ketogenic Diet?

A ketogenic diet is a very low-carb diet. Its potential benefits include weight loss, health and performance. The body’s main source of energy is glucose from carbs, but when carbs are in short supply, the body switches to its alternative fuel source –ketones. Ketones are small fuel molecules produced in the liver from fat when you eat moderate amounts of protein.

On a ketogenic diet, your body’s fuel switches from glucose from carbs to ketones from fat. Insulin levels go down because there is less glucose in the blood while ketone production results in fat stores being burned off. As a result, you lose weight and feel less hungry while having a steady supply of energy.