SENANG Within Us

  • Mar 23 2020
  • Tan Meng Hui

A foreigner who has only been in Singapore for nine months found her way to Eco-Harmony Café for a wholesome vegetarian meal. She then walked over to Kampung Senang next door, enquiring about volunteer opportunities. That was when SK Tan, the person in charge of the Holistic Support for People Affected by Chronic Illnesses (HSPC) offered her the opportunity to become a one-woman call care center to connect and check on the wellbeing of HSPC members. That was three months ago.  

Three months later, the person making the phone calls became a patient herself … I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  

Hijacked by fear, my brain froze. Anxiety mounted to the extreme – I became a basket case.  

SK recommended that I get in touch with Dr. Li Mingshu. This Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor would treat her patients by sorting out their emotional and mental distress first, before she prescribes any medication or treatment. Dr. Li believes that the mind holds the key to healing the diseased body. After a few consultations with Dr. Li and a mindful tea drinking session led by her and the Tea Ceremony Master Yang Mei Qi; she encouraged me to share my woes during the health sharing sessions she hosted at Kampung Senang 

“Allow the participants to support you and ease your fears.” She said 

I am grateful for that opportunity. I met Ong Siew Kuan during the sharing session. She was willing to share her breast cancer journey with me. She is a thriving, healthy cancer survivor which gave me hope of what I could become. After we met, Siew Kuan would check on me from time to time, cheering me on during moments of anguish.  

When I stepped out of the sharing session, Huang Li Mei, one of the staff of Kampung Senang, dropped everything she was doing and offered me a few drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy to mix in with my drinking water.  

“You will feel calmer.” She assured me. And miraculously, I did! I was touched by her kind gesture towards a volunteer whom she barely knew. 

To stay on the path of attaining emotional balance, SK arranged for a Bach Flower Remedy (BFR) consultation for me with Dr. Zheng Hui Fang. Dr. Zheng is wise, a professional and an approachable BFR practitioner. Opening to her and pouring my heart out was as easy as breeze. She customized two bottles of Bach Flower Remedy for me based on my emotional condition. One bottle was to be consumed before surgery, the other two bottles for day of the surgery to be used before and after the procedure. These two bottles of concoctions consisting a few drops of flower remedies mixed in natural spring water, were lifesavers. They kept me grounded and focused during one of the most trying transitions I had to go through.  

I stumbled and fell during this road of healing and discovery. When I was down, my spouse Yeow Teng, the motherly SK Tan, the compassionate Dr. Li, all the acquaintances and fellow “villagers” in Kampung Senang, helped me got back on my feet. They kept me going despite the challenges. Their kindness and warmth touched my life forever.  

I am grateful to the founder of Kampung Senang, Joyce Lye. She has attracted and gathered people with different talents at this kampung, to walk along side with us who are distressed. May Kampung Senang continues to flourish and may the kampung’s positive energy live long for years to come