Green and Healthy Movement

Green and Health Movement (GHM) aim to promote the benefits of adopting green and healthy living among Singapore residents. Everyone can play a part to encourage healthy eco-conscious habits in our community. Together, we can seek better health and cleaner environment, leaning towards a sustainable way of life in the following areas.

We believe that Kampung Senang’s vision of a world of inner peace, harmony, beauty, and unity, where people are inspired to act with gratitude, respect, and unconditional love towards life and nature, can best be realised through a social movement promoting Green and Healthy living.

The Green and Healthy Movement consolidates the individual actions of many to bring about a better world.

Caring is a core value driving all Kampung Senang activities. Caring for environment – to make it Green. Caring for people – to make them Healthy. Thus, the Green and Healthy Movement is an umbrella that encapsulates all our activities and programmes that help people to develop care and love for nature and desire for healthy living.

Currently, there are four aspects to the Green and Healthy Movement. Through the interaction of these aspects, we are able to generate collaborative synergies to bring the shift towards a Green and Healthy world.

  • The call to action
  • Active ager participation
  • Celebration of Green and Healthy
  • Cast of Champions (supporting organisations and influential individuals)


Cultivating Green culture for a sustainable environment

We are committed to cultivating a green culture where people and nature can thrive in harmony.

We lead by example, guiding people to take ownership of climate actions and accept individual’s responsibility in minimizing environmental impact.

By doing so, we are encouraging eco-conscious lifestyle practices, creating a sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy.


Strive for healthy living

We care for people’s health and well-being.  We believe equipping individuals with preventive health awareness through holistic wellness education, will enrich their quality of life.  We introduce plant-based lifestyle adoption program and encourage people to make the switch to better health.


Fostering towards a harmonious One Earth Home

We are establishing eco-centric networking opportunities to help create a Green and Healthy society. We are doing this by getting different parties to collaborate and develop community educational outreach.

These parties include:

  • Small, medium and large scale business organisations
  • People and community partners
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare and educational institutions
  • Restaurants and eateries


Our projects


Infinite boost to Green and Healthy Movement

The Green and Healthy Movement got an infinite boost when Kampung Senang joined hands with Infinite Youth Association to formally co-operate in Green and Healthy activities. Both Infinite Youth and Kampung Senang have about 2,000 members, with a good number being members of both.

Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, the parties with cooperate as follows:

  • Infinite Youth volunteers will support Kampung Senang’s Gifts of Good Foods Scheme and make home visits to chronically ill patients
  • Infinite Youth instructors will facilitate qiqong classes to the Kampung Senang community
  • Kampung Senang will conduct food and nutrition talks to Infinite Youth members
  • Both parties will work together to organise Green and Healthy activities


REAL Programme for Green and Healthy Ageing

Mr Desmond Choo, MP for Tampines GRC, launched Kampung Senang’s REAL Programme for seniors in October 2016. REAL is designed to help seniors become Green and Healthy, and to promote a zest for living through:

  • Relaxing exercises for physical health
  • Emotional release for emotional awareness
  • Active volunteering for expanding social circles
  • Lifelong learning for mental alertness
  • Since the start of the REAL Programme, over 1,400 seniors have participated in more than 30 activities and workshops. Six community organisations that have partnered is in REAL Programme are Tampines Palmwalk RC, Spring RC, Arcadia RC, Parkview RC, Toa Payoh RC, and Thong Kheng SAC (Queenstown).


Green and Healthy Festival

The Green and Healthy Festival, the largest single outreach event in Kampung Senang, aims to create mass awareness that Green and Healthy Living can boost disease prevention and sustainability. This year’s festival will be held at Our Tampines Hub on Sunday 20 October 2019.

The Green and Healthy Festival 2018 attracted over ten thousand visitors. There were over sixty stalls selling cooked foods, smoothies, juices, ice-creams, and eco-friendly products. Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Western and Sri Lankan ingredients and cuisines were represented. The festival was also an occasion to set a new Singapore record for the Most Number of People Eating Green Laksa Together with 468 participants.

The first Green and Healthy Senior’s Day was also celebrated during the festival. The one thousand seniors who turned up got to listen to educational talks and participate in REAL programme activities.

Our Guest of Honour, Mr Edwin Tong, Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC, was part of the Singapore SEA Games delegation in Kuala Lumpur. He returned to Singapore for a few hours just to be with us on this special occasion. We are very grateful for his efforts to grace this occasion.