Established in 1999, Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation (Kampung Senang) is an eco-conscious charity reaching out to serve all people regardless of cultural or religious background through compassion-filled charity programmes and education on holistic environmentally friendly lifestyles. Kampung Senang represents the Global Village of Inner Peace, a place where harmony, beauty, and unity prevails.

If you share our vision and mission, we invite you to be part of our compassionate and caring family. We have openings for the following positions:


Infant Educarer


Job Description:


1. Child Development

  • Identify How Children (Birth to Age 3) Learn and Develop


2. Curriculum & Pedagogy

  • Assist in Planning and Implementing Developmentally Appropriate Teaching, Learning and Caregiving Approaches Aligned to Curriculum Frameworks
  • Assist in observation and documentation of children’s learning.
  • Assist in integrating respectfulness, responsiveness and reciprocity within the curriculum.


3. Learning Environment

  • Assist in setting up quality learning environments.


4. Interactions & Relationships

  • Display sensitivity to each child’s needs (within a group setting) through respectful, responsiveness and reciprocal interactions and relationships with children.
  • Support children’s development of secure attachments through warm, consistent and nurturing caregiving.


5. Healthy, Safety & Nutrition

  • Adhere to health, safety, nutritional and hygiene standards and procedures.


6. Family and Community Partnerships

  • Facilitate the continuity of care and education between the home and centre.
  • Engage in partnerships and collaborations with community and stakeholders.


7. Professional Development

  • Engage in continuous learning and reflective practice.
  • Apply emotional competence to manage self at the workplace.


Qualification Required:

  • Advanced Certificate in Early Years (ACEY) or HCIC
  • Able to speak and write reports in English for English speaking parents


Interested applicants are invited to submit a detailed resume to Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.


For a full monthly schedule of events and courses at Kampung Senang, go to our CALENDAR OF UPCOMING EVENTS.