“Gift of Good Food Scheme” was launched in 2003 under our Holistic Support for People affected by Cancer (HSPC) , we hope that through this initiative, we can provide more comprehensive and practical help to our beneficiaries. This is a major project could only succeed not only with sufficient funds but also with the help our volunteer, as they have to deliver the food to our beneficiaries whom are located at various location of Singapore.

What is Good Food

Good Food are produced in a nature-friendly way, they are nutritious food that is healthy and tasty and we classified them as Organic Food. These products are high in nutrients and contain enzymes that would be beneficial to our human body.

How is Good Food important

We provide important source of nutrients for our beneficiaries which would potentially help them to relieve the pain and lower the risk of diabetes and cancer. As patients with chronic illness have low immune system, their food intake is crucial. Hence, with good food delivered to our beneficiaries, it will strengthen their immune system.

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