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Mobility Aids

Kampung Senang Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre (MASTC) exists to provide mobility aids, services, and support to the less fortunate. It focuses on repairing and servicing wheelchairs and other mobility aids such as hospital beds, commode chairs, crutches, walking frames and walking sticks.

Holistic Wellnss Centre

Holistic Lifestyle Centre

We provide the community with a supportive environment for nurturing better health with our holistic wellness therapies. Also, with our educational programmes, we hope to raise awareness and increase their knowledge about important health concerns, encourage them to consider healthier behaviours and provide them with a supportive environment, to adopt and maintain healthy lifestyle changes.

Day Activity Services

Day Activity Services

Set in the heart of Tampines on the ground floor of Blk 840, North-East Kampung Senang Activity Centre was envisioned as an intergenerational activity hub. Hence, besides serving the community with Holistic Wellness therapies and activities, there are also senior care services, student care and a large Inclusive Garden flanking the centre with a community kitchen.

Organic Farming Tours

Organic Farming Tours

Kampung Senang conducts farm tours for visiting groups to share knowledge of local herbs and vegetables grown in our Inclusive Garden using farming methods that are maintained by our passionate and caring volunteers and staff. We also teach our gardening methods to aspiring gardeners. We welcome visitors from schools, public community organizations and corporations.

Student Care Centre

Student Care Centre

Located adjacent to our Elderly Day Care Centre in Tampines, our Student Care programme allows the children to mingle with the elderly and learn about nature in our own backyard. Affordable monthly fees and subsidies are available for low-income families. We strongly believe in providing a cosy, safe and nurturing environment, just like home, for our children to grow and develop.

NSA Courses

The National Silver Academy (NSA) is a network of post-secondary education institutions and community-based organisations offering a wide range of courses subsidised for seniors aged 50 and above.


As a partner under the NSA, Kampung Senang conducts NSA courses for active third-agers – seniors who are passionate about lifelong learning. The NSA subsidy is applicable to Singaporeans and PRs aged 50 years old (based on the calendar year) and above.

Kampung Senang delivers courses that are NSA-funded. 

NSA Courses

(65) 6261 2338



Neurofeedback brain training has been offered at Kampung Senang’s Neurofeedback Learning Centre since October 2012. ​

With the most advanced EEG equipment with audio-visual stimulation, we hope to better serve children with special needs as well as working adults and seniors who need to improve their emotional stability and mental capacity. 

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