The Inclusive Garden and Wellness programme are part of Kampung Senang’s effort towards achieving the vision of a wholesome and cancer-free Singapore by 2050 it pledged during its Holistic Wellness Symposium in 2013.

“Besides, we recognise that Singapore is fast becoming an ageing society and even our volunteers too. We also notice some of our cancer patients in wheelchairs cannot access the farm easily. That’s why we want to make our farm inclusive for the old and wheelchair users,” Mdm Joyce Lye, its founder said.

With the seed fund obtained from the President’s Challenge in 2018, Kampung Senang converted the organic farm it has been managing since 1999. By putting in raised beds to waist-level, the Inclusive Garden provides a space for people of all abilities to enjoy gardening without bending down and difficulty of movement.

Key Service

Activities like horticulture therapy sessions, gardening workshops, and farm tours are offered to help participants reconnect with nature and cope better during this challenging period.

Our Core Values

With its Holistic Wellness programme like diets based on body constitution and age-appropriate exercises, Kampung Senang hopes to encourage Singaporeans to take charge of their own physical and mental health by cultivating green and healthy living habits and keeping a wholesome and vibrant lifestyle.

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