Our Mission

A community where caregivers and children are inspired to act with gratitude, respect and love towards life and nature.

Our Vision

To nurture children holistically in their learning areas using their ‘heads, hearts and hands’.

Our philosophy

Being a Waldorf-inspired center, we believe in educating children to be unique individuals with feelings of responsibility, care and imagination.

About Whole Child
Nurture Centre

Whole Child Nurture Centre is a Waldorf inspired childcare centre. We use an integrated approach to education, emphasizing learning through head, heart, and hands (to think, to feel, to learn). We emphasise character building, which is incorporated into lessons, aligning our pedagogy with the country’s NEL Framework using i-Teach approach to develop our children holistically.

  • 18 – 36 months (Playgroup, Pre-nursery):

    We adopt an interest-based approach where we develop curriculum that parallels the growth of the young ones. Multi-sensory hands-on activities are conducted to engage children and allow them to explore the world around them.

  • 4 years old – 6 years old (Nursery, Kindergarten 1, Kindergarten 2):
    We incorporate character building in our inquiry-based curriculum for children in N2 to K2. Empowering children to reflect and problem solve, fostering their ability to become lifelong learners.

Our Care Features:

Our Core Values

  • C – Compassionate
    We care for the people and environment around us.
  • A – Appreciation
    To appreciate the nature and the work of others.
  • R – Respect
    Respect for all lives. Be caring and mindful to each other.
  • E – Enthusiasm
    To nurture our children’s enthusiasm for lifelong learning

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