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After two plus years of darkness, the rays of hope were starting to shine through. There was guarded optimism in the air. We, the members of Waterview NC, were getting bouyed by this wave of excitement. This was the genesis of Project Sunshine.

This was finally our opportunity to do something meaningful for our community. Our Waterview Veggies community garden was in full bloom, but we had not come together as a group. So, all the members pledged, planted, nurtured and a month later, harvested, purple bayam, which we donated to our chosen charity, THK@Hougang.

This was satisfying but we wished for more. On enquiring with THK, we got a list of their needs. They

needed some robust wheelchairs, commodes, and walking frames, amongst other requirements. Since I had been volunteering at Mobility Aids Services and Training Center (MASTC) for some time and was familiar with their operations and community service, I could immediately connect the dots.

The aim was a quadruple win, feeling four birds with one boul (only figuratively!). The nursing home needed some robust equipment that could withstand their extensive use for a long time. MASTC needed community support to sustain their social services and operations. Climate change is upon us with imminent disaster for humanity, lest humanity helps ourselves by saving the environment. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose are the four apostles of hope. MASTC’s mission of rescuing, professionally refurbishing and then redeploying mobility equipment, fits perfectly into this picture.

This project also provided an outlet for members to express their compassion for vulnerable compatriots and feed their humanity.

With this in mind, a fund drive was launched and many members of our Waterview community came forward with their pledges, some just to do good, others to honour the memories of their loved ones, while others to just thank the Giver for their good fortune. In just over a month, we had enough funds collected to move forward with our Project Sunshine.

Heavy duty wheelchairs with removable footrests, reclining wheelchairs, commodes and walking frames were selected from the store, thoroughly checked for functionality and properly cleaned. On the day of delivery, the equipment was loaded in the trusty van and over two trips, delivered to THK@Hougang. Our adviser graced the occasion, with staff from the CC and members from our NC and a donor representative, all together, presented the equipment to the management of the charity in a joyous, brief ceremony, while fully adhering to the prevailing COVID guidelines.

After the memories were captured in some good pictures, it was goodbyes until next time when we can recreate a fruitful event that releases four little birds to freedom!

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