(1 large drink)


• Bananas, about 3 small ones. These act as the base for the smoothie. (Be sure they’re very ripe, that’s when they’re sweetest!)
• Mango, quarter or half fruit (must be ripe) or jackfruit. This, with the banana, provides good balanced energy.
• Almonds (raw), 8 pcs or more (soaked overnight in fridge) provide the minerals (iron, calcium, potassium) and protein.
• Whole small lime, 2 pcs (include skin, ripening ones are best). These supply the Vitamin C that is good to have in every meal.
• Wolfberries (boxthorn fruit), 1/4 cup (soaked overnight in fridge – available at Chinese medicine shops)
• Flax seeds or sesame seeds, 1/4 cup (soaked overnight in fridge – available at health food shops)
• 1/4 cup water or the equivalent as ice

Optional ingredients

• Green (mung) beans sprouts or alfalfa sprouts, 1/2 cup
• Some peppermint leaves, about 10 leaves
• Dried figs, about 5 pcs (soaked overnight in fridge – available at Chinese medicine shops)
• Beetroot, 1 small slice
• Soy yoghurt, quarter cup (if you know how to make this!)
• Strawberries (or blueberries), 2 pcs, to taste
• raw oats, half cup soaked in soya milk (for how long – how much soy milk – should the milk be added too?


1. Blend about 5 to 7 of the above ingredients until smooth.
2. Blend the flax seeds until smooth, otherwise they are difficult to digest.
3. If you do not want the almonds to be chunky, blend first until smooth before adding fruits.
4. Vary amounts by taste. Experiment and find your favourite combination. Share your findings!
5. For the optimal nutrition, drink right away.

Other ingredients we have enjoyed include:
• Pineapple
• Dates (remove stones)
• Dragon fruit
• Chiku
• Durian
• Celery
• Wheat germ
• Avocado
• Passion fruit
• Papaya
• Tomatoes
• Jambu
• Water chestnuts
• Kiwi


• The banana is the base, a must-have! It provides energy.
• Should-haves are almonds and lime
• Fruits plus seed-nuts provide a good ying-yang balance. Juicy fruits alone may be too ying.
• Vit C helps in the absorption of nutrients.
• Sprouts are the healthiest of all the ingredients. In fact, one of the intentions here is to make sprouts more palatable.
• A large cup of this smoothie can be very filling, because of the high fibre and nutrient content.
• If the fruits you use are not sweet, add blackstrap molasses or brown sugar. They are among the richest source of iron (1 tablespoon has the iron of 7 eggs!)
• It’s best not to mix a raw fruity meal with any cooked food (will delay digestion).

Raw Food and Enzymes

1. Enzymes are biochemical catalysts that transmute the food we eat into our flesh, blood, actions, thoughts and feelings.
2. Digestive enzymes are found in our gut and in raw food.
3. With raw food, our body doesn’t have to produce much digestive enzyme to breakdown the food. Therefore, consuming raw food saves us energy and reduces the load of digestion (that’s why we’d live longer and have more energy!).
4. Raw food is nutrient-efficient, which means we can eat less and the body absorbs more nutrients.
5. Enzymes are easily destroyed! 47o C is enough to destroy many of them. That’s why many foods are best eaten raw.
6. Raw food contains “chi” the life-force as understood in Eastern medical science.

Chi is thought to be the element that keeps our system in balance and healthy!