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Hydroponics Tower Systems

The tower system is a hydroponics system for growing leafy greens and herbs. It can be adapted from a small individual home system with 40-60 grow pods to a commercial system comprising of a group of towers, each with 390 grow pods. Typical harvest cycle is about 30-45 days.


For a hydroponics farm, the tower system setup can be constructed by connecting the towers via pipings and having a common tank with nutrients solution to be pumped and distributed to the towers.


With solar panels built into the growing systems, leafy greens can be grown in homes, parks, open carparks, HDB community gardens and even on difficult terrains like hilly slopes.

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The objectives of the YAS Lab project:
  • cultivate nutrients-dense vegetables with no pesticides for health benefits and improved immunity

  • optimise the process parameters for growing the few popular types of leafy greens and herbs

  • to power the system by solar energy which is clean and sustainable

  • labour efficiency and accuracy in maintaining the growing systems with intelligent built-in controls and automation

  • let YAS Lab project be a living academy to teach our young ones, families, busy executives, and silver club pioneers the importance of healthy living, food nutrition, home gardening, and healthy eating habits of natural wholesome foods.

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System integration of towers


Total no of volunteers engaged: 17-total hours: over 225hours (in a span of 60 days, Aug-Oct)

What we offer:

  • Rooftop Garden 

  • Hydroponics 

  • Inclusive Garden in Tampines

  • Inclusive Garden in Aljunied


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