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Citrus Fruits

21 天植物性饮食

Vegan Bowl


2024 marks Kampung Senang’s 25 years of dedicated service and commitment to our mission of caring for people in need, promoting an eco-friendly and healthy lifestyle, fostering harmony within our communities and planet, and inspiring collective responsibility for sustainability. 


Come join us at our Green & Healthy Charity Fair to discover healthy and natural plant-based food, eco-friendly, health & wellness products, natural therapies, karaoke singing, Healthier Life Programmes roadshow.

This Charity Fair is brought to you by Kampung Senang and our stakeholders, corporate and community partners, supporters and volunteers. Funds raised will go towards supporting Kampung Senang healthier and happier ageing communities.


Make a donation and pre-booked your Charity Fair coupons now. We shall contact you to collect your Charity Fair coupons at the respective Kampung Senang Centres in Aljunied, Tampines and Jurong.


You may also donate these coupons for our beneficiaries.

Together, let us continue to spread love, kindness, and hope to those in need. Your donations are 2.5 times tax exempted.

charity fair 2024 Flyer.png


Join us.


加入我们为期 21 天的植物性天然食品挑战!


Ticket Sales and Collection:

Kampung Senang @ Aljunied  6749 8509/ 8299 2512

Kampung Senang @ Jurong    6261 2338/ 8127 2896

Kampung Senang @ Tampines 6784 3474/ 8127 2896

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