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Forest Trees

Company Limited by Guarantee

Change for the Better

As of January 2024, Kampung Senang has transitioned from a society to a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG). This move allows for greater efficiency, but our vision and mission are completely unchanged.


The CLG was formed to take over and continue the organizing and management of all existing programs and contractual agreements of Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation registered under the Society Acts since 1999.


Our Mission

  • Provide compassionate care for people in need

  • Spur adoption of health-enhancing and eco-friendly lifestyles

  • Foster harmony within our communities and our planet 

  • Inspire collective responsibility for sustainability

Our Vision

With like-minded people and organisations, inspire healthy lifestyles and sustainable environments, empower caregivers with support and skillsets, and enable younger generations to serve with gratitude, respect, and kindness.

Our Values

Green & Healthy

We strive to live green and healthily.

Giving Thanks

We promote mindfulness and appreciation in life.


Community Service

We serve with gratitude, respect, and honor.

Boundless Love

We care and love our community and the environment.

Compassion In Action

We put compassion into action and transform crises into positive opportunities.

Our Logo

Kampung Senang logo symbolises:

  • Caring for our children

  • Caring for our elderly

  • Caring for our environment

  • Caring for those in need of help or with chronic illnesses

  • Caring for the general public

Kampung Senang delivers on its promises of care through its children care, student care, and elderly services, its mobility aids services, its holistic and compassionate services, and its educational programmes to help the public.

Our Sponsors & Partners

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