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Green & Healthy Movement

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We believe that Kampung Senang’s vision of a world of inner peace, harmony, beauty, and unity, where people are inspired to act with gratitude, respect, and unconditional love towards life and nature, can best be realised through this social movement promoting Green and Healthy living.


The Green and Health Movement (GHM) aims to promote the benefits of adopting green and healthy living among Singapore residents. Everyone can play a part to encourage healthy eco-conscious habits in our community.


Together, we can seek better health and a cleaner environment, leaning towards a sustainable way of life in the following areas.

3 Pillars Of
The Green And Healthy Movement

Cultivating Green Culture for a Sustainable Environment

We are committed to cultivating a green culture where people and nature can thrive in harmony.

We encourage eco-conscious lifestyle practices, creating a sustainable environment for everyone to enjoy.

Strive for healthy living

We care for people’s health and well-being and believe equipping individuals with preventive health awareness through holistic wellness education, will enrich their quality of life.

We introduce a plant-based lifestyle adoption program and encourage people to make the switch to better health.

Fostering towards a harmonious One Earth Home

We are establishing eco-centric networking opportunities to help create a Green and Healthy society.


We are doing this by getting different parties to collaborate and develop community educational outreach.

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