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Mobility Aids

Mobility Aids Service & Training Centre (MASTC)
Tampines     |     Jurong

About Mobility Aids

Life for the physically challenged can be very difficult and frustrating at times. Mobility aids such as wheelchairs, crutches and walking frames can greatly help to alleviate the stress of daily living. Unfortunately, mobility aids can be very expensive and not everyone with a physical handicap or impairment can afford to buy them.

Kampung Senang Mobility Aids Services & Training Centre (MASTC) exists to remedy this situation by providing mobility aids, services and support to the less-fortunate so that they can live better lives.

Mobility Aids Services and Training Centre (MASTC) is an award-winning project of Kampung Senang that focuses on repairing and servicing wheelchairs and other mobility aids such as hospital beds, commode chairs, crutches, walking frames and walking sticks for our rapidly aging population and people with mobility needs.

We rely on the help from our volunteers to service mobility aids across the island. We also focus our efforts on providing training on wheelchair handling to caregivers to prevent accidents and ensure proper care for the equipment.

On 4 October 2017, Minister of Social and Family Development, Mr Desmond Lee launched the Temasek Foundation Cares – Kampung Senang Wheelchair Servicing Programme, to train senior volunteers to service the wheelchairs of needy seniors.

Our Care Services

Our Key Services

We provide wheelchair and mobility aid equipment repairs and services to the public in need.

We also conduct training to caregivers on proper wheelchair handling and maintenance to prevent accidents

  1. Loan of mobility aids

    • Free for needy families, especially those on Public Assistance scheme.

    • For others, we appeal for donations, even if it is a token donation

  2. Wheelchair handling training for caregivers

Block 254, Tampines St 21, #01-464, S521254
(65) 6783 9023

Block 324 Jurong East Street 31 #01-130 S600324

(65) 6261 1157


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