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Organic Farming Tours

Organic Farming Tours @ NEKSAC

Our Key Services

Kampung Senang conducts farm tours for visiting groups to share knowledge of local herbs and vegetables grown on the farm. We also teach gardening to gardeners. We welcome visitors from schools, public community organisations, and corporation.


Our Urban Farm Program includes:

  • Learn about urban organic farming and local herbs

  • Sowing of seeds, transplanting seeds, and a tour of the Organic Farm and Herbs Garden

  • Healthy Lunch

One of our primary goals is the preservation of biodiversity and sustainable development for a better world for future generations. Our Inclusive Garden grows local vegetables and herbs using organic farming methods.

We encourage and follow organic farming practices that avoid the use of chemicals and pesticides so that the food produced is free of toxic chemical residue. The Inclusive garden is a teaching laboratory for educating the public about the benefits of the Green and Healthy way of life and interacting with nature. We also have hands-on workshops in English and Chinese for members of the public.


Our Care Features

  • Supplies organic food to the elderly and children under our care

  • Educates public on herbs for disease prevention

  • Organic farming: no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers used

  • Produces fresh vegetables and herbs using micro-organism

  • Promote house planting and microgreen

  • Consistently won prizes in NParks’ Community in Bloom competitions


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