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At Kampung Senang Aljunied’s Inclusive Herb &Wild Veg Garden

March 7, 2022 a celebration was held on the first anniversary of Kampung Senang’s Inclusive Garden at Aljunied. We began the event with freshly brewed peppermint tea in clay cups. Then, we spread yoga mats in the semi-shade of trees, as Yogi Bala reminded us that “We are never too old to be flexible and have fun”.

Bala showed us how while playing with ribbons, we could loosen tight muscles, sore backs, do figure eights and not drop our ribbon! Next, Bala wielded a snake-like tube like a dancing dragon to produce the most amazing vibrations that reverberated through us.

At noon, Kg Senang’s Jenny brought us organic brown rice porridge – delicious with braised tofu, seaweed & cucumber. Garden volunteer Ms So-Gen also brought out a pot of moringadrum-stick curry she had cooked for participants. It was delicious!

After lunch, Betty Khoo shared on the topic “Why eat organic and local?” The Inclusive Garden was the ideal place to demonstrate. Assisted by Ms So-Gen (who waters and harvests in the garden every day), Betty pointed out wild plants – like sweet leaf (aka mani chye and chukormanis) and sweet potato leaves!

Betty lamented that instead of eating these local tropical superfoods, Spore is importing highly pesticide-sprayed, GMO and chemicallyfertilized broccoli, carrot, red and white cabbage and cauliflower. Why? It’s big money for agri-business. And the only way forward, she said, is to start growingwhat we eat every and drink every day – on our balconies and even HDB corridors.

Then, Eco-Harmony Café prepared fresh teas using plants Betty had foraged from her Serangoon neighbourhood, and dried to make fresh tea.

After enjoying the tea, participants followed Betty around the raised plant beds of our Inclusive Garden. There, we plucked Ceylon spinach and sweet leaf, and everyone gamely sampled the fresh leaves. (In wet markets of yesteryear, many of these ‘wild’ veggies, naturally organic, were sold in bundles.

Mdm Joyce Lye, co-founder of Kampung Senang (now with sevencentres) announced that Fun, Forage& Feast with Yogi Bala will be held on the first Monday of every month – so next one is on Mon April 4 at KS Aljunied at 9.30 am – S$20 per person. (Note: this is conducted outdoors, so non-vaccinated are welcome).

A regular gardener-volunteer, Andrew Tay, will be conducting Gardening Workshops at Kg Senang’s Organic Farm in Tampines, Block 840. Watch for the next workshop.

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