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画家/Artist: John Loo


尺寸/Size: 30cm x 21cm


建议捐款/Suggested donation: $200


John Loo 简介

Brief Introduction to John Loo

82-year young, painting pastel arts is Mr John Loo’s hobby and meditative practice wherever he travels . He has hundreds of his painting collections and some have been published in his books .

A philanthropist and adventurist by nature, he has been supporting deformed children after the Vietnam war since he discovered them when he set up his business in Vietnam many years ago .

Mr Loo loves mountain climbing and listening to sound of nature . He still very sharp and healthy for his age. He wishes to support Kampung Senang’s care and hope projects after his friend, Jane, re-connected him with Joyce. They instantly realised they met before at some auspicious Buddhist events!

E82: Pastel Shine Art

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