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We Care, We Empower

Kampung Senang has a vision of a world of inner peace, harmony, beauty and unity: a world where people act with gratitude, respect and unconditional love towards life and nature. This world can best be realised through a social movement promoting Green and Healthy Living.

Welcome To Kampung Senang

Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation (Kampung Senang) is a wellness and eco-conscious charity that adopts a holistic approach to supporting a Green & Healthy lifestyle. Promoting care for all people regardless of cultural or religious background through compassion-filled charity programmes and education, we hope to inspire a healthy and environmentally-friendly lifestyle for everyone.

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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Let Them Speak for Us

HSPC Beneficiary - Mrs Cheng

"I am very thankful that Kampung Senang delivers organic vegetables and fruits to me weekly. I don't have to worry to go out to crowded areas to purchase my groceries. Kampung Senang has helped me alot."

Our Centres

Kampung Senang delivers our caring through our student and senior services, mobility aids services, holistic and compassionate services and educational programmes.

Kampung Senang's 
Pillars Of Care


Our Community Impact

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