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Our Initiatives

Compassion support
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The Compassion Support Scheme is an initiative by Kampung Senang that provides financial assistance to low-income families who would like to use non-aggressive, non-invasive, natural therapies to heal their chronic conditions. Some of these treatments include Neurofeedback, Frequency Therapy, Hydrogen Therapy, Hydrobath Therapy, Torsion Field Therapy, TCM and diet therapy. 

Volunteer Development

Volunteer Development Scheme

Kampung Senang have a development plan and simple gestures to gratitude for those who volunteer your time with us. We have various areas in which you may be able to contribute.


We welcome all talents to join our faithful and passionate cadre of volunteers. 

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Green & Healthy Movement

The Green and Health Movement (GHM) aims to promote the benefits of adopting green and healthy living among Singapore residents. Everyone can play a part to encourage healthy eco-conscious habits in our community. 

Gift of Good Food

Gift of Good Food Scheme

Gift of Good Food Scheme” was launched in 2003 under our Holistic Support for People affected by Cancer ( HSPC ). We hope that through this initiative, we can provide comprehensive and practical help to our beneficiaries. This major project can only succeed with sufficient funds and the help of our volunteers, as they deliver the food to our beneficiaries who are located at  locations around Singapore.

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