EcoCollege Pte Ltd (EcoCollege), established on 08 Aug 2017, is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eco-Harmony Global Network Ltd (EcoHarmony). It is a training arm of EcoHarmony and Kampung Senang Charity and Education Foundation.

About EcoCollege
Pte Ltd

EcoCollege is an education institution that believes in Biodiversity and Sustainable Development and hence researches, develops and conducts courses and workshops related to achieve the same

Our Key Services

  1. Ageing & Life Education
  2. Creative Cuisine
  3. Creative Expression
  4. Green Education
  5. Spiritual Exploration
  6. Wellness

Our Care Features:

  1. Ageing & Life Education
    • Insight into Risk Management, Retirement & Estate Planning – English
    • Mindful parenting course for grandparents – Mandarin
  2. Creative Cuisine
    • Healthy Eating and Cooking
    • Wellness Management Kitchen
    • Wellness Vegetarian Confinement Meals (Intermediate)
  3. Creative Expression
    • Foundation Mindfulness-Based Music Program
    • Music Care for Mind and Body Health
    • Pastel Shine Art
  4. Green Education
    • Introduction to Wheelchair Servicing
    • Organic Farm Tour
    • Horticultural Therapy
  5. Spiritual Exploration
    • Body, Mind and Spiritual Talks
    • Inner Work and Self Exploration Workshop
  6. Wellness
    • Yoga, Meditation

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