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Kampung Senang is proud to participate in NPARKS’ One Million Trees movement. So far, more than 338,000 trees have been planted. Trees are so good: they soak up greenhouse gases, provide homes for animals, offer shade, lower temperaturesand fill our lives with beauty.

In 2021, children from Kampung Senang’s Student Care programme in Tampines joined an NPARKS tree planting session at Bedok Reservoir. This year, even younger children from our WCNC joined tree planting near Gan Eng Seng Schoolnear Alexandra Road.

Accompanied by two of their teachers,five six-year-olds planted trees that we hope will enjoy as a long a lifetime as the children themselves. Fortunately, NPARKS provided tools that fit the size of the children, as you can see in the photos.

Also, in one of the photos, you can see a child nourishing a newly planted tree with the gift of abundant water. Everyone – trees and people – needs to drink lots of water!

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