The National Silver Academy (NSA) is a network of post-secondary education institutions and community-based organisations offering a wide range of courses subsidised for seniors aged 50 and above. As a partner under the NSA, Kampung Senang conducts NSA courses for active third-agers – seniors who are passionate about lifelong learning. The NSA subsidy is applicable to Singaporeans and PRs aged 50 years old (based on the calendar year) and above.

Kampung Senang delivers courses that are NSA funded. Through these courses, third agers can self-discover and enhance their different dimensions of wellness in their journey of positive ageing to create a vibrant pro-age Singapore where seniours can participate as integral members of society.


The Council for Third Age, C3A, set up in May 2007, is an agency which promotes active ageing in Singapore through public education outreach and partnerships. As an umbrella body in the active ageing landscape, with its focus on lifelong learning, senior volunteerism and positive ageing, C3A works with and through partners to help third agers age well.

C3A is the administrator of National Silver Academy (NSA) and the Silver Volunteer Fund (SVF), as part of the initiatives under the Act Plan for Successful Ageing. 

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